Keep Working It

I find that during the week it’s hard to stop from design or marketing projects to practice on developing (or re developing) my lettering skills. This morning I pushed myself because I thought of something cute to sketch. Of course I didn’t finish it off till it was… Read More


When I was in school I loved doodling. My earliest passions in art where born out my obsessive desire to doodle always. In class, at home, at the park, out with friends. I was always doodling. I especially lettering, writing peoples names, it was something that really filled… Read More


I’m looking through some old pictures and trying to wrap my head around this incredible shock, pain and loss. I’m going to attempt to write something soon. Everyone should know as much as possible about this man. He was a Tzadik in the truest sense of the word.… Read More

Kapitol Lamed Beis.

Today is (or if you are reading this after today, was) my birthday. I said my new Kapitol today for the first time this morning at the Ohel. Of course, being the music obsessed nerd I am, I noticed there are lyrics in here to my favorite choir… Read More

Happy Chanukah!

Hey everyone, hope your having a happy Chanukah! Just a few things here …. There is a LOT of good music in the stores right now. I know you think I’m just saying that because I work at Sameach, but I’m serious, trust me. You have to give… Read More