When I was in school I loved doodling. My earliest passions in art where born out my obsessive desire to doodle always. In class, at home, at the park, out with friends. I was always doodling. I especially lettering, writing peoples names, it was something that really filled an artistic void.

Well, now I just turned 35, I’m married, have 3 kids, run my own business and it was ages since I ever remember doodling or sketching anything. Recently I’m noticing more of a trend in design to move toward typography and lettering based art. It’s really cool, feels very now and hip and I’m totally out of my element.

So right before Pesach I decided to retrain myself and relearn, so to speak, something that I think would 1) be a funĀ challengeĀ  and 2) be a useful tool in my design belt.

I’m going to chronicle this process a bit on my website. If you like lettering please feel free to join along, or comment with your own opinions, tips, favorite tools, etc.

Here was my first attempt.


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