Keep Working It

I find that during the week it’s hard to stop from design or marketing projects to practice on developing (or re developing) my lettering skills. This morning I pushed myself because I thought of something cute to sketch. Of course I didn’t finish it off till it was more afternoon than day, but I did it.

Something I’m really learning is how much you gotta re establish your use of the pencil. When I first started playing with the lettering again a few months ago I just bought a few pens and started doing it. That wasn’t the right approach, and through trial and error, I found that the real trick to well planned, well thought out sketches is all in the penciling. It’s a great place to really work out the idea you have in your mind.

As I continue getting re-acquainted with using pencils I’m remembering more and more from when I was younger how much I actually enjoyed this part of the process. In fact, sometimes I wonder if the ink takes away from the purity the sketch brings to the design.

Here is a sketch of todays design, and also the finished project. I have a long way to go, but it’s a process, and I’m gonna just keep working it! (See how I worked in the post title?? lol)

294891_10151395207746366_2066085689_n photo 3


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