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I find that during the week it’s hard to stop from design or marketing projects to practice on developing (or re developing) my lettering skills. This morning I pushed myself because I thought of something cute to sketch. Of course I didn’t finish it off till it was more afternoon than day, but I did it.


When I was in school I loved doodling. My earliest passions in art where born out my obsessive desire to doodle always. In class, at home, at the park, out with friends. I was always doodling. I especially lettering, writing peoples names, it was something that really filled an artistic void. Well, now I just turned 35, I’m married, have 3 kids, run my own business and it was ages since I ever remember doodling or sketching anything. Recently I’m noticing more of a trend in design to move toward... Read The Rest →

Now available, Benny Friedman’s Yesh Tikvah


Friends, I do a lot of work in the Jewish music business. But it’s not so often I’m involved in a production from start to finish. My good friend Benny Friedman‘s new album Yesh Tikvah is now available! Benny, myself and our partner and friend Avi Newmark worked for 3 years to bring this album to you. There are a lot of special moments in it, please support our hard work by spending $9.99 to get the instant download and full 12 page PDF booklet (with my artwork Designs By Sruly Inc.) There are... Read The Rest →

How I Listen to a New CD.

I just got the brand new Shloime Gertner CD, Say Asay, and I’m hearing these songs for the first time. Often I hear music in pieces before it comes out, so that “first full listen” feel is lost. For this album I did not hear anything before we all heard those sample clips. I’m listening to this CD completely fresh out of the box, taking it in. That’s why I’m excited to hear something “fresh” in full. I have a certain method with how I listen to new CD’s for... Read The Rest →

Photo of a Photo

Today Benny Friedman and I went with Shmuli Evers of to take some pics for Benny’s CD artwork. I brought my camera too, got some nice pics of the pics being taken. Like this one. We got some amazing pics, I think the cd artwork will rock. We actually were 90 percent done with a different cover but another CD came out that had similar elements so we nixed the original art.

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