Hi, it’s Sruly! I want you to know who you might be hiring, so I ‘m happy to present my story. How this all came to be. For those who may not enjoy an awesome (but agreeably long) read, I provide you two version. Short Story. Long Story.

Short Story.

My name is Sruly Meyer. I have been designing since I can remember holding a crayon in my hand. I live and breathe art and I will commit myself to making you something truly awesome, for a great price.

Long Story.

Sruly Meyer was born and raised in Miami, Florida. His creative personality was evident even at a young age, as he would rearrange his bedroom furniture, repaint the walls, and get caught doodling during class. As a young man he would often end up tasked with creating the layout and gathering content for his yearly Summer camp newsletters. His passion for design and advertising was always strong. The type that would be more into the changing package design than the contents inside.

Sruly’s career started creating flyers and event announcements for various Jewish institutions including Chabad Lubavitch of Northern Virginia where he was based for 4 years. In 2001, at the age of 23 he moved back to Miami, borrowed $199 from his mother and bought the cheapest computer he could get at a Staples on Biscayne Blvd. It was a terribly slow eMachines. Needing a name, he went by RushGrafix. (ya, that happened.) Most of his work was for people who needed last minute rush jobs, the name just seemed obvious.

Then in 2003, Sruly moved to NY, and was married not long after (to a fellow designer!). Realizing paying bills required more than cheap quick rush jobs, he got a job as the in house graphic designer for Sameach Music, a leading wholesaler of Jewish Music.

After an exciting six year tenure at Sameach, Sruly established his own company, Designs By Sruly, which is now located in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, New York. Designs By Sruly is a full service design and marketing company (more on that later).

While no longer branded “Rush”, Designs By Sruly still prides itself on delivering in a timely fashion. In addition they offer a heavy emphasis on quality, which is achieved through his long experience in this field combined with his natural eye and feel for what looks good.

Many of the biggest stars in Jewish music have turned to Designs By Sruly for all their creative needs and Sruly’s client roster includes singers, producers, orchestras, choirs and numerous others. Among the many satisfied Designs By Sruly clients are many new and iconic members of the music industry including:

  • Benny Friedman
  • Avram Zamist
  • Freilach Music
  • Lipa Schmeltzer
  • Shmueli Ungar
  • Naftali Schnitzler Studio and Productions
  • Mordechai Shapiro
  • Suki & Ding – HASC Concert, Uncle Moishy
  • 8TH DAY
  • Yochi Briskman
  • Avi Newmark
  • Yisroel Werdyger
  • Yehuda Green
  • Naftali Schnitzler
  • Yitzy Spinner
  • Mendy Werdyger – Aderet/MostlyMusic
  • Dovid Gabay
  • TeeM productions
  • Mordechai Ben David
  • Eli Schwebel
  • Neshoma Orchestra
  • Neginah Orchestra
  • Nagilah Orchestra
  • Mendy Werzberger
  • Yerachmiel Begun – Miami Boys Choir
  • Eli Gerstner – Yeshiva Boys Choir
  • Yitzy Bald – New York Boys Choir
  • OHEL Family Services – Concert Art/Marketing
  • Yaron Levy – Pearl Productions
  • Shempseed

In 2010 Designs By Sruly broke new ground, opening its own marketing department, creating unique and innovative marketing campaigns and has been responsible for the commercial success of several new albums and a large number of highly successful recent concerts.

In 2017 Designs By Sruly became Sruly Productions, where all three services are available under one name. Design, Marketing, Production.

While Sruly Productions specializes in design and marketing for the music industry, the firm welcomes opportunities in every arena and Sruly Productions’s reputation for new and creative design has attracted numerous other clients from restaurants, shuls, schools and other local businesses.

(Written by Sandy Eller)