I was playing with my phone this morning and took this pic. It’s from an iPhone. I played with the coloring. (The iphone camera is nice, but it’s not that nice, lol)


My brother is in from Miami/NC and I wanted to show him “the sights”, took him to Boro Park, and then on the way back we stopped by 770. Which of course means I have another oppurtunity to play with my camera.

Capturing the Moment

I photographed my first Bar Mitzvah last night. I’m trying to really work on my photograhy, I think it will expend my abilities as a designer to be able to take my own photos for work. It was a lot of fun, believe it or not I took 850 shots! I used a 2GB card, and just snapped all night. Today I wanna play with some of the lighting and pics. Here is one shot I played with this morning.

Hanging CD

Aderet makes large cardboard CD’s of some of their products and then they hang them in some stores with string from the ceiling. They always look so cool. I’m gonna take this one when they finish advertising it and hang it in my office from the ceiling. I wanted to try to get a cool angle of it, so I took it from directly under it. I did the design for this job as well.

Speak Up

I have taken this shot in the studio a thousand times already, but I keep on doing it. Something so iconic about this visual. This is where it happens. This specific photo was taken last night when we were going over some of the songs in the studio for the Benny Friedman CD.

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