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Graphic Design is our passion. Full service graphics for all types of projects.


Let your voice be heard. Create a brand, create a voice, conquer the world.


Creative ads, mean powerful advertising. We create ads that work for you.

Meet Sruly

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. As a young boy, I would rearrange my bedroom furniture, repaint the walls, and get caught doodling during class. My passion for branding, design and marketing was always strong. I was the type to always be more excited by a new logo or package design, than the candy or drink inside the box. 

In 2001, I borrowed $200 from my mother and bought the cheapest computer on the market at that time. With that investment, I was able to learn and grow as a designer and develop my own passions, including marketing. 

Over the next few years Designs By Sruly grew into a full service design and marketing company that primarily served the music industry, and was based in Brooklyn, NY.  Now we have transitioned to not just design but full service marketing as well. You can visit my marketing site below.


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